Expert Witness Testimony

Let's face it, the brightest expert witness in the world will probably fall short of a client's expectations if he/she cannot clearly get the message across as to how an incident occurred. At Forensic Dynamics, we pride ourselves in our simple, straight forward reporting, which attempts to clarify rather than baffle the reader. We understand that although the subject may be complex, the report (either verbal or written) in fact, should not be.

Similarly, when it comes time to providing evidence in a Court of Law, the best analysis will fall on deaf ears if the Judge and/or Jury cannot understand the methodologies used in the assessment. Once again, we pride ourselves in using plain language and easy-to-understand models so that all participants in the Court process understand the point that we wish to get across. Having attended Courts throughout North America in excess of 500 times, we have the experience and the expertise that will ensure the intended message is delivered effectively and appropriately. The vast majority of written judgments are available in the public domain, and we are very proud of our track record in this area. Prospective clients are more than welcome to contact us for specific instructions as to how to access these judgments, and more importantly, to find a past case which may be applicable to the case under review.

[Several judgements are added for reference in our �About Us� section under the testifying engineer.]

We also understand that when it comes to Depositions and Trial, as with anything in a professional and highly public arena, "looks" count. Your testifying engineer will always arrive neat in appearance, and ready to face the tough questions that follow. No one in our industry spends more time preparing for Trial or Depositions than us, and our record proves it!


What To Look For In Your Expert Witness

As Professional Engineers, we have satisfied our governmental regulatory bodies that we have the necessary education and character to perform this work.  This is the public's guarantee that work performed is at the highest level.  Similar to law societies around the country, if a member performs sub-standard work, it is likely that he/she will lose their right to practise.