Professional Peer Review and Rebuttal Reports

As strange as it sounds, at Forensic Dynamics our best source of cases often comes from our competitors. If they are conflicted, they know that in consulting us, their client will receive a fair and accurate assessment of the matter at hand.

Moreover, our competitors know that we will technically review their reports with excruciating detail, but without stooping to “nit-picking” the details of their analysis if it does not materially affect the result.

Counsel also appreciate that even if they do not request a written report, we will educate them on the science of their particular case and provide useful questions to pose at depositions or trial. Often the concepts involved in accident reconstruction engineering are complex, but we understand that our audience, as varied lay individuals, may have struggled with highschool physics or math. Using a “common sense” approach and steering clear of “techno-babble” that one often sees in rebuttal reports (which are quite frankly often designed more to baffle than to educate), we quickly get to the crux of the case and provide solutions (either questions or answers) to our clients so that they can easily and effectively deal with cross examination.

Often a verbal report in this regard is sufficient. Sometimes, it is necessary to complete a written rebuttal report outlining the differences of our opinion with the opposing expert. In this regard, we pride ourselves in digging deeper. Specifically, literature is reviewed, the internet is consulted and demonstrative exhibits are produced which clearly and convincingly prove the dynamics of the incident as we have calculated.

Alternatively, if we receive a report which we find to be accurate or nearly so, we will tell you as much. In our view, there is no point in preparing a rebuttal report that serves only to point out minor discrepancies if at the end of the day, these do not materially affect the conclusions of the opposing expert’s opinion.

You can count on us as fair and objective scientists to provide you with “the good, the bad, and the ugly”!